SMC ascertains the major trends and competitive environment of the specific markets within which the client company is operating, and identifying the segments and end users, business and strategic partners. 


With its understanding of the technology differentiation, relevant added value and the unique positioning of its client, SMC articulates the particular needs of its client and prioritizes the steps needed to expand the business or to penetrate the relevant markets.


Upon crystallizing the business model and solidifying the necessary roadmap, SMC identifies the appropriate value proposition with which to approach potential partners. SMC then leverages its wide network and resources for the benefits of its clients.


SMC prepares the offering, fine-tuning the relevant documents including the business plan, presentation and / or private placement memorandum. It then establishes the initial contacts and sends the appropriate marketing material to the relevant decision makers in the target organizations.


Alongside with its clients, SMC launches and participates in carefully planned road shows whereby it accompanies the portfolio company in the process of establishing the collaboration / partnership with all the identified entities until the closing of the potential transaction. SMC provides continuous support in the management of the relationship created.