Company profile


SMC Ventures, Inc. (hereafter “SMC" or "Company”) is a U.S.-based management consulting firm specializing in providing comprehensive, one-stop-shop strategic services to both startups and well-established companies.


Utilizing offices in Delray Beach, Florida and Israel, and presence in several other gate cities, SMC has several affiliates and joint ventures in the U.S. and in Europe as well.


SMC employs high caliber executives who have accomplished success in their respective companies and experienced hands-on professional consultants.

SMC provides the following services:


  • Managment Consulting

  • Various Business Developments

    • Assisting companies to penetrate the US and other markets

    • Identifying appropriate channels of distribution and strategic alliances

  • Cluster Formation & Rollups

  • Performing Due Diligence

  • Writing Business Plans, Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Conducting Feasibility Studies and Market Research

  • Analyzing Publicly Traded Companies  


Uniquely positioned, SMC focuses on the healthcare industry, including services, medical devices, diagnostics and biotechnology. Given its wide network, however, SMC has some activities which are opportunistic in nature dealing with other sectors as well.